Triforce Blitz Rules

The Triforce Blitz Standard ruleset follows the same rules as the Ocarina of Time Randomizer Standard Ruleset.

Two hour time limit

Triforce Blitz can be raced under an optional but recommended time limit. Although Triforce Blitz generally generates short seeds, the algorithm can occasionally produce a monstrosity. Using a time limit can help bring a race to its conclusion and declare a winner without forcing the contestants to finish a seed that is no longer interesting.

Determining a winner when using the time limit

If a race reaches the time limit, use the following criteria to determine a winner:

  1. The number of Triforce pieces found.
  2. Time when the last Triforce piece was found.
Racer A Racer B Racer C
Power Not Found 0:45:00 0:30:00
Wisdom 0:20:00 Not Found 1:50:00
Courage Not Found 1:45:00 Not Found

For example, consider the table to the right. In this race, Racer B and Racer C have both found two triforce pieces before the time limit. Because Racer B found their last triforce piece faster than Racer C (1:45 vs 1:50), Racer B would be the winner.