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Welcome to Triforce Blitz!

Triforce Blitz is a fresh, fast-paced take on Ocarina of Time Randomizer. In Triforce Blitz, you must help Link find the triforce of Wisdom, Courage and Power that are hidden somewhere in Hyrule! Fortunately, the Gossip Stones across Hyrule will help you locate them with very powerful hints.

Powerful Hints

In Triforce Blitz you are tasked with locating the three triforce pieces of Power, Courage and Wisdom which are each hidden in one of Hyrule's dangerous dungeons. Fortunately, you are not without help in this task. Just outside the Temple of Time, Link can find some Gossip Stones that tell him how many steps are on the road to each piece.

There are also many more Gossip Stones to be found hidden throughout all of Hyrule that will tell you where to look for items that help you reach those Triforce Pieces. There is a total of 10 hints telling you where to look, and a total of 5 hints telling you where not to look.

Quick Turnover

Triforce Blitz is designed to be played competitively in a best-of-threes format, so a major design decision was to make sure that seeds would have a quick completion time. A Triforce Blitz seed averages around only 1 hour and 30 minutes in length! The shorter length means that your decisions carry more weight, but better execution also has a much larger impact, resulting in a mode that rewards higher skill expression in all ways.

Competitive Design

Triforce Blitz was designed to provide a twist on Ocarina of Time Randomizer that is less volatile and better suited to competitive play. While we think Triforce Blitz is great fun to play casually as well, it is our hope that Triforce Blitz will allow for a more competitive environment to form around Ocarina of Time Randomizer, as well as putting a greater emphasis on skill expression.

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